Winter 2020/21 Interior Design trends

Winter 2020/21 Interior Design trends

There are numerous interior design techniques to choose from and each has a unique trait. It is, therefore, essential to weigh through the desired effect of the technique incorporated. One thing is for sure, it pays to be unique and when it pans out as expected it can prove to be a touch of genius. Interior design right around winter is expected to bring comfort and style throughout the period where most people are expected to spend more hours indoors.

Recommended Tips For the Winter Season

Ironically, most interior designers recommend warmer colour hues. Some of them include terracotta, cinnamon, and caramel and they are known to add a warmer touch to almost every interior. If applying colour to the walls seems a little far fetched, then the easier method is to replace accessories such as carpets, cushions, and mats. This way, you can also accomplish a great result. Some of the methods are:

●      Workstations

●      Switch Up The Dining Room

●      Bedroom Colour Scheme


Every household has some form of literally material be it books, newspapers, or even magazines. Whether or not anyone reads through them, it can get cumbersome to store or arrange them neatly. One interior design technique recommended by pros is to set up a work station that exudes various colour tones coupled with various furniture styles. In instances such as the winter season where spending time indoors is more common, this space can prove to be useful, Most of all, it adds to the glamour of any room.

Switch Up The Dining Room

In instances where you need to scale up the appeal of your living area, experts recommend altering a small space. By this, they mean, that if, for instance, you want the living room to stand out, then you need not change everything. You can employ trendy interior design styles in the dining area and it will instantaneously uplift the entire area around it. Colours such as blue evoke a cool and composed setting that makes it an ideal place to read.

Bedroom Colour Scheme

Quality sleep is of paramount importance because it adds to the general productivity. Since the bedroom is considered the heart of the home, a great deal of detail should be employed when applying the design. From comfortable cotton sheets to smooth silk beddings, eventually, the style might play a major role in how you rest. It is recommended that you pick colours that you like.

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The Reading Nook – Tips for an Amazing Result

After work or when you want or read more stories to your kids, you are looking for that special place where you can relax and enjoy some quiet moments. Many have created those spaces or linked them to the books, as they have become just the perfect choice for the soul.

How to design the reading nooks?

Warm colors and have a balance in the choice of furniture and patterns. Everyone loves bright colors or to link many of them at once, but it is recommended not to do so when you are looking for some relaxing time. Imagine just how hard is for your eyes to perceive a lot of powerful or bright colors for once. To get to that balance just pick a color with which you resonate with, and add on top of that just another touch. Don’t mix them with all the colors you know – this is the basic thing that will change your whole life.

Also, furniture is playing an immense role here. It’s good not to have too many pieces of furniture gathered in a small place, as you will feel that you don’t have enough room for yourself. Now, you may think “ok, but how we can do this in small spaces?”. Some shelves and an armchair should do just the perfect job. If you don’t have too much space to create that room, then it’s important to think really simple. Less is more – will never be out of trend.

Small details always matter

Don’t forget also about fabrics and small details. You may add some pictures, paintings, or mural sketches that will add more personality and create that special place of creativity. When all the visual parts are done, then you must think also about the fabrics and the tactile part. You will sit in a chair and if the fabric is not comfortable for you, then you may not want to stay there too much. Don’t think that chairs or sofas don’t deserve to invest in, because you will keep those in your house for a long period of time.

To sum it up, remember to create an area that is balanced and with which you resonate. Otherwise, you will not feel too comfortable and you will not be able to relax over there. Be creative and if you need a hand, don’t hesitate to ask an interior designer for some specific examples for your house plan.

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TV Stands – All You Need To Know

There are numerous types of TV stands. Homeowners are advised to choose the best designs and types for their televisions. You have to consider the durability and size of the stand before mounting it in your room. Corner-television stands are best suited for tightly packed rooms while wall-mount stands help a renter to free up the small spaces in their homes. You should select the right material for your stand. Wood and metal are good for households with children since they are stable and heavy. Glass stands are best-suited for low-traffic households.

Some of the excellent designs and factors to consider when choosing the best stand include:

Cabinet Stands

Cabinet stands give you a flat surface to place your television, similarly, you can hang or affix your television on the wall. Also, these design offers you with ample space to place your equipment such as gaming consoles or speakers. Cabinet stands offer a more secure and enclosed space for your equipment and devices. This type is mostly suitable for small or irregularly shaped rooms.

Corner Stands

This is the best stand for homeowners wishing to utilize small spaces in their rooms. Corner stands have a perfect and compact design and can fit in any region of the room. They are designed in numerous techniques that can comfortably fit the display, storage or decoration needs.

Wooden and Metallic Stands

Stands made from such materials are always very durable and long-lasting. Wooden and metallic stands are suitable for high traffic households or ones with children. This is because they are stable and cannot fall off easily when children play near them. Lastly, they are relatively cheaper when compared to other stands.

How to Choose the Right TV Stand?

Evaluate the Size and Nature of your Room

When choosing the right TV Stand, remember that it should always match with the colour of the items in your room. For example, in the living your stand should match with all your couches and other pieces of furniture. Traditional stands naturally match well with traditional home settings and furnishings. Lastly, the size of your room determines whether you should purchase a swivel or corner television stand.

Identifying the Width of your TV

The size of your television should be directly proportional to that of your stand. For safety and security concerns a TV should not be overhanging in its frame, since it can easily fall off. Also, placing your TV in a fitting stand makes your room look appealing and luxurious.

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